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Actuation S​ystems

The Actuation Systems business is a global leader in the design, manufacture and support of actuation systems for large commercial, regional, business and military aircraft as well as for helicopters and precision weapons.

Actuation Systems delivers a range of technology options including electric and hydraulic powered actuators and advanced carbon-fiber products for commercial aerospace and defense applications.

For the next generation of aircraft, we are continuously innovating through research and development programs that are focused on advancing electric actuation. The use of electric actuation on aircraft, rather than hydraulic, comes from customer and airworthiness requirements for cleaner, more environmentally friendly aircraft. Electric actuation has the potential to help fulfill this requirement as well as providing health and usage monitoring to reduce in-service removals.


CTG innovates in the design, development and manufacture of advanced composite products, and is at the forefront of filament winding technology, specialising in precise fibre placement techniques and innovating new technology in joining metals to composites. CTG’s composite products, as an alternative to metals and alloys, are exceptionally strong, long-lasting, lightweight, reduce operating costs and reduce energy use. The wide portfolio of aerospace and defence products includes transmission shafts, fuel pipes, isolators, highly resistive fittings and pressure vessels.

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Claverh​am Limited

Claverham Limited is a market leader in designing and producing both electric and hydraulic primary and secondary flight controls. Key platforms include commercial and military aircraft and helicopters, as well as missile flight control systems and railroad switching systems. More electric systems are in development for both manned and unmanned systems.

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