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The Interiors business is a global leader in the design, manufacture and support of a number of advanced systems that enhance safety, performance and aesthetics across a wide range of civil, commercial and military aircraft.

Primary products include inflatable aircraft evacuation systems, WINSLOW™ life rafts, interior and exterior lighting systems, cargo systems, VIP and specialty seating systems including aircraft ejection seats. Cabin systems include custom-crafted artisan Booth Veneers™, cabinetry, periphery panels, cabin management systems and in-flight entertainment products.

Products for the Commercial market are serviced at the UTC Aerospace Systems’ worldwide customer support centers. Customer-focused research and development activities continue to advance design techniques and material selection to benefit new aircraft requirements as well as retrofit opportunities.

Booth Veneers™

Booth Veneers™ is the premier supplier of fire treated veneer products for corporate, private, and head-of-state aircraft. The company supplies a range of cost-effective composite veneer and lumber solutions as well as highly prized rare real wood veneers and hardwood lumber to major original equipment manufacturers, aircraft completion centers, and custom refurbishment facilities. Booth Veneers™ also offers state-of-the-art laser marquetry services which enable customers to add incredibly intricate and personalized inlay designs to their chosen veneer.

View the Booth Veneers™ website.

Lighting Systems

Combining the three well-established companies Goodrich Lighting Systems GmbH, airsigna GmbH + Co. KG and the legacy products and technology from Page Aerospace Ltd, UTC Aerospace Systems has bundled many years of experience, expertise and know-how in the field of aircraft lighting. UTC Aerospace Systems’ Lighting Systems Division develops, produces and delivers tip-to-tail interior and exterior aircraft lighting solutions.

For further information please view the Lighting Systems product page.

WINSLOW™ LifeRaft Company

The WINSLOW™ LifeRaft Company is a leading supplier of advanced aviation life rafts to major aircraft manufacturers and governments worldwide. Products range from small four-person rescue rafts to 56-person rafts for large commercial aircraft. The lightweight systems offer unmatched stability, visibility and operational flexibility.

View the WINSLOW™ LifeRaft Company website.

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