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Electric Systems

The Electric Systems business is a leading provider of electrical power generation, distribution and control for commercial, regional, business and military aircraft. A focus on innovative physical and functional integration provide significant customer benefits including a lower cost to implement and operate as well as improved passenger safety and comfort. In addition to aerospace products, the business supplies automotive and industrial industries with power generation and rotating electrical components.

Key products include main and emergency power generation, intelligent power modules, power conversion and motor control, power distribution, and aircraft utilities management.

In addition to our advanced product offerings, our airplane power systems integration facility (APSIF) and the common automated system integration lab (CASIL) are two of the most advanced airplane systems testing facilities of their type in the aerospace industry.

HS Elektronik Systeme GmbH

HS Elektronik Systeme GmbH, designs and manufactures Intelligent Power Modules including solid state power controllers (SSPC) and solid state relays (SSR), power distribution modules and power supplies.

Electric Systems Kenosha

The Electric Systems Kenosha division leverages over 50 years of aerospace motor/generator manufacturing, assembly and design expertise into other transportation related markets.  Precision manufacturing and assembly are imperative as Electric Systems Kenosha products provide power and/or propulsion on, commercial hybrid electric busses, truck trailer refrigeration units, aircraft, rotorcraft, combat vehicles and for marine applications.

Xi’an AVIC UTAS Aviation Electric Co., Ltd.

Xi’an AVIC UTAS Aviation Electric Co., Ltd. (AUAE) is a joint venture between Electric Systems and AVIC SAEC. AUAE will co-develop and manufacture the electric power system for the new COMAC C919 jetliner.

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