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 HSA Park
The Hamilton Sundstrand Association Park

The Hamilton Sundstrand Association Park for 2018 is open from May 14th through October 15th. The park is located at 2288 Newburg Road. Only Association Members may reserve the park by contacting the HS Association Office at 226-6973, during posted hours.

No alcoholic beverages and no pets are allowed in the park.

Please refer to our Park Rules for more details.

The 15.5 acres that make up today's HSA Park were purchased in 1957. The first annual picnic at this park was held in 1959.

Park Reservations

The HSA office will begin accepting 2018 park reservations at 12:01 AM on, January 8th. Members may call or email the HSA office to reserve a pavilion at the HSA Park for dates between May 14th and October 12th, 2018.

Pavilions will be reserved based on the time stamp on email or voicemail.

Over the past few years, it has become apparent that some HSA members are abusing the park pavilion reservation system by reserving multiple dates and then failing to cancel unwanted dates. The end result is that pavilions are being reserved but not utilized.

With the objective to maximize use of the pavilions and accommodate as many members as possible, the HSA Board of Directors has decided to enact the following rules:

1. Prior to June 1st, HSA will limit each member to a maximum of two (2) for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday pavilion reservations (for any May thru June 1st date). Members may make additional pavilion reservations after June 1st.

2. $20 pavilion reservation fee will be charged for each Friday, Saturday, or Sunday pavilion reservation.

    a. No reservation fee will be assessed for Monday thru Thursday dates.

    b. The reservation fee is due within one (1) week of making the
        reservation. Reservation will be cancelled (lost) if fee is not paid
        within one (1) week.

    c. The reservation fee is only refunded if pavilion reservation is cancelled
        at least two (2) weeks prior to date reserved.

    d. Official HS department picnics and other HS events are exempt from
        this reservation fee (pending approval of HSA Park Committee).

3. The HSA office will offer members the option to be placed on a wait list with the possibility that a pavilion may become available.

4. The Association will assess a $200 fine to any Member who hosts an event at the HSA Park for any event other than those allowed per the Park Rules or otherwise approved by the HSA park committee.

Pavilion Capacity
  • North Pavilion (Near Road) - 150 people
  • South Pavilion (Across Stream) - 150 people
  • West Pavilion - 300 people

Any group expecting more than 200 people at the West Pavilion must rent portable toilet(s) for their event (one for every 100 people over 200).