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R.A.S.A. History

Who We Are
We are comprised of members from industries, hospitals, banks, credit unions, colleges and private businesses in and around the Rockford, Illinois area. Our members include organizations with less than 50 employees all the way up to organizations that have 3,000 or more employees.

The Rockford Industrial Recreation Council (R.I.R.C.) was established in 1978 as a non-profit organization composed of 75 plus major progressive industries and business establishments in the Rockford area. Sundstrand was instrumental in the formation of R.I.R.C., which later changed its name to the Rockford Area Services Association (R.A.S.A.).

Why We Organized

  • To provide a local forum of professionals and volunteer leaders in the employee recreation and services field.
  • To provide input and the exchanging of ideas on programs that benefit both companies and their employees.
  • To promote, develop and improve employee recreation programs in our local area.
  • To create a larger buying power group that can take better advantage of suppliers' discount programs and services.
  • To provide recreational services and programs to employees of organizations who, because of their small size, could not support these programs.

What We Are Currently doing
We have been able to obtain discounts (most of which are not offered to the general public) from Great America, Wisconsin Dells, Magic Waters, The MetroCentre, Santa's Village and many outstanding travel packages. The Service listing shows what discounts are available from some of the R.A.S.A. membership. This listing is updated yearly.

How Big Are We Now?
R.A.S.A. currently has over 250 companies and businesses as members with a total membership in the thousands. The Hamilton Sundstrand Employees Association is one of the members allowing all Association members the privileges allotted to R.A.S.A. members.