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Product Support and AOG

For a complete list of contacts, click here​.

Kidde has established a worldwide network of Product Support Centers (PSCs). The major PSCs maintain the following features: 
  • Dedicated spares stock room and inventories
  • Repair and overhaul facilities separate from the main factory
  • Dedicated full-time product support specialist personnel
AOG Service
Kidde, Fenwal Safety Systems and L’Hotellier maintain dedicated AOG inventories of top assemblies at their facilities. These stocks are reserved for valid AOG situations, and are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please call +1 877 808 7575 for AOG Service.
Aftermarket Product Support
Kidde/Fenwal Safety Systems and L'Hotellier provide spares and repairs support, including warranty repairs, of each other's equipment.


Kidde has a solid background in identifying and ensuring the availability of spares. This is also reflected in Kidde organizational structure and support policy, which places emphasis on responsive spares support to both commercial and military customers. 
Initial Provisioning Spares 
As part of Kidde service to customers, experienced personnel are available to advise and assist in calculating spares requirements for service introduction of new airplane types, based on customer operating data (number of aircraft, number of bases, routes, etc). 
Please follow our link to Halon Recycling and Banking for information on this subject.
To place an order for spares or tooling, contact the nearest location listed in the contact list.  

Kidde Service Centers
Worldwide service for fire-protection products is provided through affiliated service centers.
Technical Assistance 
The Kidde Technical Services group provides technical assistance and support to operators of Kidde Aerospace products including commercial & charter airlines, freight carriers, aircraft owner/operators and military forces.

 Contact List

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